Contact Point Armenia

Anna Hovhannisyan
AGREEN COP Coordinator at ICARE

Background: Experienced and dedicated professional of experts with a diverse background in organizing and implementing courses, research projects, business plans, and strategy development for a wide range of local and international organizations. Expertise has contributed significantly to the success of numerous initiatives, including collaborations with notable institutions such as the ICARE Foundation and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), UNDP, DSIK etc.

Expertise: Ms. Anna Hovhannisyan has an extensive expertise in Green Agriculture, Project Management, Climate Change, Agri-Business Research and Development fields, etc.


COP Members

Natella Mirzoyan

Contributed to the development of the Feasibility study and database (Armenia)

Background: Dr. Natella M. Payne has over 20 years of experience in academic research, analytics, teaching, advocacy and business consultancy.

Expertise: Leading and overseeing laboratory activities, technical and scientific advising in multiple environmental experimental projects related to the climate change induced greenhouse gas production in aquatic and terrestrial environments, analysis and publication of results, overall management of the laboratory staff and student projects.


Hasmik Altunyan

Contributed to the development of the Blueprint for a regional brand and branding strategy 

Background: An accomplished and highly capable Management Professional with a wealth of comprehensive experience in local economic development work covering program development, program evaluation, program monitoring, Disaster Risk Management, Gender Equality, strategy development, operations management, financial management, human resource management and fundraising. With strong interpersonal skills and an easy going nature this patient and diplomatic individual demonstrates the ability to respect diverse cultures and practices, and achieves success in field work in the poorest areas of the world. Organized and detail oriented, interested in an Expert or Managerial position in local economic development work internationally, or a project evaluation or research role anywhere in the world on either a permanent contract or short term consultancy basis.

Field of work: Economic Development, Development Theories, Project Evaluation, Project Monitoring, DRR, Program Development, Strategy Development, Project Management, Branding and Marketing


Emil Stepanyan

Contributed to the development of the Inventory of logistic centers for wholesale and retail trade in sustainable delivered agricultural produce (Armenia)

Background: Economist, graduated from Yerevan State Institute of Economics, Armenia. Working languages:  Armenian, Russian, English and Polish.

About 20 years experience in trade marketing and distribution in local leading and multinational FMCG companies (Pernod Ricard, British American Tobacco). Current position – CCO in the leading Armenian meat products exporter. Known specialist in the sphere of export in Armenia. Founder of «Cargo Armenia» logistics platform. Co-founder of «Export Armenia» Armenians exporters association NGO. Founder of «Cargo Armenia» logistics platform.

Expertise: Exporting, agricultural production, marketing


Lusine Nalbandyan

Contributed to the development of the Training course Entrepreneurship in CSA


Since 2006, Lusine is engaged in the field of green, sustainable, organic agriculture and sustainable rural development. As an agroecologist and project coordinator. She has been deeply involved in various aspects of sustainable farming, such as promoting organic agriculture in Armenia, managing land sustainably, preserving agricultural biodiversity, and addressing climate change in agriculture. Substantial management of natural resources is the cornerstone of her professional activity․ She has a long experience of working in the NGO sector in close cooperation with international organizations, decision makers and farmers as an expert- agroecologist.

In 2011, Lusine co-founded the organic waste processing company “ORWACO” which is an Armenian-Norwegian joint venture. She is also a co-founder and the President of the “Organic Armenia” Agricultural Association NGO. In 2020, Lusine founded and since then acts as the CEO of the “SANSEVIERIA” agricultural consultancy LLC.


Master’s Degree – Agro ecologist, Armenian State Agrarian University

Bachelor’s Degree – Agro ecologist, Armenian State Agrarian University



Seda Janazyan

Expert for support of AGREEN Internet platform

Background: Ms. Seda Janazyan is a graduate of the Agribusiness Teaching Center at the Armenian National Agrarian University, holding a master’s degree in economics. Until June, 2023 Seda was working in AGREEN project as an external expert for the support of the internet platform. During the project her responsibilities included uploading project information into the internet platform, supporting the project team in project related activities, such as organizing workshops, translating some website content, identifying the technical issues on the website.