Alliance Romania

AGREEN Alliance Coordinator for romania

Ovidius University of Constanta (OUC) Romania

Area/s of activities, experience, expertise and achievements:

“Ovidius” University is a public institution of higher education founded in 1961. In 1990 it became a multidisciplinary university with programs for Bachelor, Master and Doctorate, a quality accreditation recognized by national and international institutions with high confidence. OUC has about 13.000 students, of which almost 11.900 in BA study programs, over 2.200 in MA programs, approximately 700 in residency training programs and over 300 in PhD programs. OUC has over 1100 international students, of which about 28% of the EU states and the European Economic Area. OUC is the largest university in Europe to the Black Sea coast and is located in Constanta, the largest town in Dobrogea. Within the European Union, “Ovidius” University of Constanta is the largest university in the Black Sea. “Ovidius” University’s mission is to create, maintain and distribute knowledge to society through education, scientific research and artistic creation to European standards.

                                    Area/s of cooperation/ interest in CSA:

  • climate-smart and sustainable agriculture – research and development activities; organization of information campaigns; organization of events;
  • developing, sustaining and expanding a network of experts and researchers in the field of agri-sciences and agri-entrepreneurship;
  • developing, testing and applying CSA models and practices;
  • organizing training within the field of sustainable and climate-smart agriculture;
  • developing strategies for transition to green economy, conservation and protection of the biodiversity, environment protection, etc.;
  • others.

AGREEN Alliance Members

BIOTOP Dobrogea Cooperativa Agricolă

Background: The BIO TOP DOBROGEA AGRICULTURAL COOPERATIVE was established in 2021 at the initiative of the 10 founding members, with the common goal of forming a stronger group and developing a sustainable economic model that creates value and ensures a sustainable future for all members of the cooperative. Most of our members have conventional crops, but many of them choose to convert to organic production, the material advantages being superior. We are also a promoter of ecological agriculture, whose main objective is the free support given to farmers who want a future in this sector. The cooperative currently brings together engineers, farmers, researchers and input producers. With a well-established system through partnerships with various processors in Europe, we provide farmers with the technology necessary for a profitable organic crop, but also the security of the exploitation of production at competitive prices.

Areas of interest:

• Agriculture

• Technical support for local administration

• Education for the environment

• Advisory support for local communities

• Entrepreneurship-Employment

• Promoting innovation and new technologies


Website: https://biotopdob

Address: Nucilor 17 street, Ovidiu, Constanța, România