Alliance Bulgaria

AGREEN Alliance Coordinator for Bulgaria


Area/s of activities, experience, expertise and achievements:

Association “Dobrudzha Agrarian and Business School” (DABS) is a training institution founded in February 2004 by recognized research, educational and business organizations. Its mission is to serve as a leading agri-business centre in Bulgaria, to maintain a reputable image in the business, agrarian and academic communities, and to lead the establishment of a new regional scientific and professional education institution that generates novel ideas and state-of-the-art scientific developments and implements innovations in agriculture and business practice in Bulgaria and abroad.

The activities of DABS are aimed at supporting the development of agrarian science, as well as agrarian business and its related fields of study such as ecology, tourism, renewable energy and energy efficiency, and others. DABS advocates applicability of education and scientific research in practice to the benefit of entrepreneurs and business.

Area/s of cooperation/ interest in CSA:

  • climate-smart and sustainable agriculture – research and development activities; organization of information campaigns; organization of events;
  • developing, sustaining and expanding a network of experts and researchers in the field of agri-sciences and agri-entrepreneurship;
  • developing, testing and applying CSA models and practices;
  • organizing training within the field of sustainable and climate-smart agriculture;
  • developing strategies for transition to green economy, conservation and protection of the biodiversity, environment protection, etc.;
  • others.



Address: 3 Bulgaria str. Dobrich, Bulgaria


Tel.: +359 58 655 626


Agreen Alliance Members

Chamber of Commerce and Industry Dobrich

Area/s of activities, experience, expertise and achievements:

Chamber of Commerce and Industry Dobrich is a non-governmental organization, acting in public benefit, with the principles of voluntary membership and financial self-support.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry Dobrich is the biggest business support organization in the region of Dobrich, part of the network of the Bulgarian CCIs, of the networks of Eurochambers and Europe Direct. The Chamber is representative of the employers in the council for tripartite cooperation. Members of a Chamber of Commerce are usually international and local operating companies, such as tourism companies, manufacturing companies, import and export businesses, banks, finance companies, legal advisors, IT and electronics manufacturers etc.

The main activities of the Chamber are to support, promote, represent and protect the interests of its members and other business entities in the region on local, regional, national and international level; to assist in the economic development of Dobrich region; to increase regional economic growth and prosperity, stimulating international trade and investment, synergies and promotion of international exchange of technological and business cooperation, ensuring the link between education and business for young and adult people.

Area/s of activities/ cooperation/interest in CSA:

• International trade and cooperation in production and sale of CSA-produced foods and agricultural products

• Support and assistance of importers/exporters trading with CSA production across BSB and EU in general



Address: 3 Bulgaria str., Dobrich, Bulgaria