Research Breeding Institute “Dobrudzha” Best Practices

Name of Organization: Research Breeding Institute “Dobrudzha”

Region of Operation: General Toshevo,

Years of operation: 70

Dobrudzha Agricultural Institute is a national research centre for selection and breeding of field crops. It is the largest unit in the system of the Bulgarian Agricultural Academy and is located in North East Bulgaria.

The institute was founded in 1941 as an experimental field and have developed in the course of the years as a complex scientific unit with a wide range of research activities. The Breeding centre is engaged in solving various CSA related challenges via:

  • Creation, testing and implementation of new varieties of crops
  • Crops alternation
  • Precise tillage techniques
  • Pest, weeds and disease control
  • Fertilization
  • Improving the breed composition in animal husbandry
  • Scientific research in animal husbandry (poultry, pig, cattle and sheep).

Since 1962 the Institute is specialized in wheat and sunflower selection and breeding.  The Research centre has created several iconic variety of wheats (such as Pliska, Priaspa and Yantar) which are high-yield, frosts – and stress resistant, suitable for mechanical harvest and with high protein contents

The Center has several research laboratories including biotechnology, phytopathology, entomology and cytogenetics. Their main activities include:

  • creation of new advanced cereals and legumes, varieties and hybrids of sunflower and development of modern technologies for their cultivation;
  • development of new biotechnological methods in the selection of field crops;
  • collection and research of genetic plant resources;
  • production of basic seeds with guaranteed origin and quality
  • selection of elite breeds animals

Due to the dedicated efforts of more than 300 research associates, specialists, laboratory assistants, agricultural technicians and workers (involved in the overall activities), Dobrudzha Agricultural Institute has gained national and international prestige and recognition in the field of new breeds development