Maquaponics LLC Best Practices

Aquaponics farm operating in Geghraquniq marz. The farm work on the patented technology of INTAG (Harrisburg, PA, USA), where aquaculture farm serves as a localized source of organic fertilizer. Organic inputs are dosed into the system to produce low cost, organic liquid fertilizers for the localized crop production system. Carps are grown as the main fish species. The solid waste from the fish are used to feed Californian worms, which digest the solid waste and excrete in in dissolvable form. These dissolved compounds act as a fertilizer for the growth of aquaponic plants. The farm is producing bok choy for the local market. The water is fully recycled, no synthetic fertilizers are used for the plant growth. Since the farm is operating in a greenhouse, solar energy is used for heating purposes, reducing the pressure on fossil fuels and related GHG productions.