Argrain LLC Best Practices

The farm is operating since 2009. It is of 200 ha size, located above 1,850m sea level. The farm work on a CSA manner, rotationally growing emmer, quinoa and chickpeas. Chickpeas are used to rotational improve soil quality and specifically Nitrogen balance. No synthetic fertilizers are used for the production. The soil is analyzed for the elemental composition, and if necessary, manure is used for improvement of soil nutrient balance. The fields are only rainwater irrigated, allowing decreased pressure on water resources in the region.  There is no pesticide use in the farm. The soil is dug bit later, than the other neighboring   farms. This allows to kill and mix the weeds with the soil, increasing its nutrient levels, and provides time lag to avoid main pests of the wheat, simply because the plant growth period falls later than pick activity time of the pest infestation. The plant residues are used as animal feed.

The entire production is exported. The farmer used to sell the products under the organic label until 2016, after which did not engage in certification. This, however, did not affect the market of the products.