Achajur Community Best Practices

The vineyard occupies 1600m2 area in Tavush marz of RA. This region is the most climate affected region in the country, with high level of water scarcity and soil pollution. One of the main problems in the area is the infestation of soils, and subsequently, vine with Grape phylloxera (Daktulosphaira vitifoliae (Fitch 1855)). The pest affects the growth of vines, and even if the grapes are grown, the wine production is hampered. As such the farm grows 6 different sorts of phylloxera resistant species, imported from France. Additionally, the soils are treated for phylloxera, and the combination of soil treatment and resistant plants allows production of high-quality grapes in degraded lands for wine production. Drip irrigation system is installed in the farm. Water, soil and grapes are periodically analyzed in the specialized laboratory, and depending on soil quality, precision methods of fertilization and pesticide use are practiced. The farm is currently building a nursery for production of phylloxera-resistant vine seedlings for local use and export. Woody plant residues are used for burning, replacing fuels from forests.