“Harmony Farm” agricultural company Best Practices

“Harmony Farm” agricultural company was founded in 2020 in the Arap community of Shirak region, 2 km away from the regional center Gyumri. The company is involved in the production and processing of high value herbs, spices, tea plants, herbs, legumes and seeds. One of the main goals of the company is to develop green agriculture in Shirak region. It also aims to enable farmers to see and tangibly experience the potential and prospects of green agriculture, and to share experiences.

About 15 ha of owned arable land and 20 ha of rented arable land are under the jurisdiction of “Harmony Farm” company. It has 150 square meters of production space, 120 square meters of storage space and 300 square meters of high-value and diverse herb demonstration nursery for trainings, experience sharing, professional consultation and meetings.

The company is composed of two main sites: demonstration and production departments. In the demonstration part are located small greenhouses, which provide the necessary conditions for plant growth and development for various types of plants. The irrigation is done by drip method. The system also has a sensor device for measuring the soil moisture. This site serves as a mother farm for growing herb seedlings. Here you can acquire practical knowledge and organize meetings to exchange experience. The farm has almost all the tools and equipment needed for soil cultivation, as well as a post-sowing processing and seed screening line. The production area is about 35 ha, which is expanding every year.

“Harmony Farm” company provides the following services: agricultural consulting, seed screening, processing, grinding, sowing, soil preparation with the help of plow, digging of irrigation furrows, grass bundling, sale of high-value herb seedlings, sale of fresh and dry tea plants, sale of spices: mustard, cumin, dried rosemary, dill, basil seeds, legumes, bread grains, flax, wheat, barley and oats.

“Harmony Farm” company receiving a grant to start and develop the activity from the EU-Green Agriculture Initiative in Armenia (EU-GAIA) project financed by the European Union within the framework the UNDP component.

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